Helpful bash aliases for any Unix/Linux user

Aliases can be very helpful for any linux user, and after writing my last post “How to create custom command in Unix/Linux” I want to share these helpful bash aliases for any unix/linux user.

List in long format

alias ll=’ls -l’

Clear the screen

alias c=’clear’

Clear the history and screen

alias hcl=’history -c; clear’

use Bye to exit

alias bye=’exit’

Some change directory options

alias ..=’cd ..’

alias …=’cd ../..’

alias ….=’cd ../../..’

alias …..=’cd ../../../..’

Display path info

alias path=’echo -e ${PATH//:/\n}’

Display current Date/Time or Both

alias now=’date’

alias nowtime=’date +”%T”‘

alias nowdate=’date +”%d-%m-%Y”‘

Open last modified file in VIM

alias Vim=”vim ‘ls -t | head -1′”

Show all running java processes

alias psjava=’ps -ef | grep java’

If you are a regular windows user, create windows version of linux commands

alias cls=’clear’

alias dir=’ls -l’

alias chdir=’cd’

alias md=’mkdir’

alias copy=’cp’

alias rename=’mv’

alias move=’mv’

alias del=’rm -i’

alias rd=’rmdir’

alias deltree=’rm -r’

I think these alias can be helpful for you. There are many more but I’ve shared those I think are very useful for any Unix/Linux user.


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