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Persist/Share tomcat session state between multiple instances

In this article, I am going to explain how can you persist/share tomcat session state between multiple instances, and improve your site performance. Persisting your session state outside of the tomcat servers is a very common and recommended configuration for large scale websites. This is usually done in pursuit of an architecture style called Shared …

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Replication aware JDBC connection in java and MySQL

Hi, recently I was reviewing the code a project which was having some database issues, while the review I found that the project environment was setup with the MySQL with one master node and two slave node, and I was surprised that in the code they have used the default JDBC driver for database connectivity which …

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Helpful bash aliases for any Unix/Linux user

Aliases can be very helpful for any linux user, and after writing my last post “How to create custom command in Unix/Linux” I want to share these helpful bash aliases for any unix/linux user. List in long format alias ll=’ls -l’ Clear the screen alias c=’clear’ Clear the history and screen alias hcl=’history -c; clear’ …

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How to create custom commands in Unix/Linux

Few days ago one of my friend told me that the work on linux is so difficult, because he didn’t remember the complex commands of linux and every time when he want to do some debugging on their linux server he always need to google some commands first, so I’ve decided to write this post “How …

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How to enable garbage collection logging (GC logs) in Apache tomcat

In this article I’ll provide information about how to enable garbage collection logging (GC logs) in Apache tomcat. GC logs are very important when you are debugging an application. GC logs helps to analyse how your program uses the memory. GC logs also helps to find how often garbage collector cleans the memory for unused objects. …

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Send error logs through email using log4j SMTP appender

recently I was reading about Apache log4j appenders. and found log4j SMTPAppender which sends an e-mail when a specific logging event occurs, typically on errors or fatal errors. That time I got idea to write this post to send error logs through email using log4j SMTP appender. for a developer error logs are very important. and …

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[Maven – Build Error] Unsupported WTP Version

Hi, recently I was working on a project and I found a build error while I tried to execute mvn -eclipse:eclipse command to build eclipse project settings for my maven project. the solution for the above error message is specify maven-eclipse-plugin setting in your project’s pom file. <plugin> <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-eclipse-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.5</version> <configuration> <wtpversion>${supported-wtp-version}</wtpversion> </configuration> </plugin> …

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How to use vimdiff as SVN DIFF tool

Hi, in this post I am going to explain how to configure your svn-client to use vimdiff as default SVN diff tool. when I work on my Linux machine, and I try to view changes done on a file before committing to SVN, I use SVN DIFF command to compare my changes. it works cool …

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Loading library/model classes from your views in CodeIgniter

Hi, When I was new to CodeIgniter, I need some data manipulation using a library function in my view classes, I simply loaded the library and called the library function, as I always do…. $this->load->library(‘some_library’); $this->some_library->some_library_function(some_parameters); but when run this code, I surprised by the error: Before this I had used library functions many times …

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Download/Attach source-code/java-docs with maven dependencies

I am using Maven in my projects from last couple of years, and the automatically downloading the Jars from repository feature of maven is really helpful for developers. But If you are using Eclipse and want to read/analyse Source Code or Java Doc of API then you need the jar file that contains the Source …

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